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Network discussion forum WG1: cytochrome c effect

        • 2018-05-17 Open Call: cytochrome c effect
I would like to ask you for your feedback related to the cytochrome c effect (test for mitochondrial outer membrane integrity) in different mitochondrial preparations (mtprep). As you know, the addition of external cytochrome c during respiratory experiments serves as a quality control for the mitochondrial preparation. Since cytochrome c release can be induced during sample preparation and reflects damage of the sample, it can be used as a criterion for the exclusion of low quality preparations. We observed different flux control factor values for cytochrome c (FCFc) in different mtprep, tissues, and species. Moreover, different substrate combinations could trigger differences in cytochrome c effect. Therefore, in the frame of MitoEAGLE, we would appreciate your contribution sending us your comments and reference values obtained in your own specific model(s) (control group).
If you are willing to share any data, we ask you to include if it is possible and available the information of the Word document and send it to [email protected]
If not all the information is available or you wish to share the information in a different form, any input is appreciated.
See an example here: FCFc questionnaire in permeabilized muscle fibers (soleus) from mouse
Cytochrome c effect:
For harmonizinging our results, please if it is possible, provide us by email the FCFc (median and interquartile range).
  • The cytochrome c control factor expresses the control of respiration by externally added cytochrome c, c, as a fractional change of flux from substrate state CHO to CHOc. In this flux control factor (FCFc), CHOc is the reference state with stimulated flux; CHO is the background state with CHO substrates, upon which c is added,
  • FCFc = (JCHOc-JCHO)/JCHOc.
  • FCFc calculation: = (Oxygen consumption after cytochrome c addition - Oxygen consumption before cytochrome c addition)/ Oxygen consumption after cytochrome c addition.
Thank you very much for your contribution. We will make all contributions available to the community in this page. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions here: [email protected]
I hope to hear from you soon. Warmest regards.
Carolina Doerrier, COST Action 15203 MitoEAGLE WG1 TG leader