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DE Rostock Sokolova I

From Bioblast


DE Rostock Sokolova I

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab University of Rostock

Institute of Biological Sciences

Address Albert-Einstein-Strasse 3, 18057
City Rostock
Country Germany
Contact Sokolova Inna
Team Haider Fouzia, Sokolov Evgeny, Steffen Jennifer, Ouillon Natascha
Team previous
Status 2 Power-O2k 2016 โ€“
Oroboros Events MiP2014, IOC114


Ouillon 2021 J Exp Biol2021Ouillon N, Sokolov EP, Otto S, Rehder G, Sokolova IM (2021) Effects of variable oxygen regimes on mitochondrial bioenergetics and reactive oxygen species production in a marine bivalve Mya arenaria. J Exp Biol 224:jeb237156.
Wu 2020 Chemosphere2020Wu F, Sokolov EP, Dellwig O, Sokolova IM (2020) Season-dependent effects of ZnO nanoparticles and elevated temperature on bioenergetics of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis. Chemosphere 263:127780.


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