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Vujacic-Mirski 2019 MiP2019

From Bioblast
Ksenija Vujacic-Mirski
ROS formation involving mitochondrial and NADPH oxidase in various tissues and mitochondria.

Link: MiP2019

Vujacic-Mirski K, Kalinovic S, Oelze M, Kroeller-Schoen S, Steven S, Muenzel T, Daiber A (2019)

Event: MiP2019


At the request of the author, this abstract is not made available online.

β€’ Bioblast editor: Plangger M, Tindle-Solomon L

Labels: MiParea: Instruments;methods 

Stress:Oxidative stress;RONS 


Center Cardiology, Cardiology I, Univ Medical Center Johannes Gutenberg-Univ, Mainz, Germany