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Networking evenings

Pre-MC1, Sunday evening, 2016-09-11

Dear Mitoeagle MC members,
Erich will arrive late and cannot attend, but I thought it would be nice to have a pre-meeting dinner. For all arriving on Sunday before dinner, I suggest to have dinner together at 18.30 hr at the following address.
Restaurant La Quincaillerie
Edelknaapstraat/Rue du Page 45
1050 Brussels (Elsene/Ixelles)
If you want and are able to join just send me an e-mail with ‘Edelknaapstraat’ in the subject line. I will collect all e-mails arriving on until Sunday 16.00 will try to make a group reservation.
See you soon,
Jaap Keijer

PS I was told that the restaurant is good but not cheap

Post-MC1, Monday evening, 2016-09-12

We do not know about all who will join the MC Meeting. For those who will stay Monday evening in Brussels, we might take this opportunity to talk about next steps after the MC Meeting. I guess we should be ready for a drink by 18:00. Last Tuesday I had a nice dinner in the ‚Havana‘ close to the COST Office.
Little Havana (BUT: closed on Mondays)
Ch. de Charleroi 116-2B
1060 Brussels
It would be nice if we can use this occasion for a chat beyond the official meeting time. We planned to meet there also with Thierry Arnould by 19:00.
Best wishes, and see you on Monday (I will arrive on Sunday quite late in the night),

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Topics for 1st MC meeting

  • Nominate a leader and co-leader for each Working Group: an experienced partner plus an Early Career Investigator (ECI). Candidates from Inclusiveness Target Countries are preferred.
  • Propose a Steering Committee (SC): Chair & Vice Chair; WG leaders; STSM Chair; Web contents manager; SC secretary. The SC will organize MC circulars and MC meetings and take responsibilities for the web contents management. The SC is responsible for development and implementation of specific plans to increase the involvement of Early Career Investigators and for maintaining and monitoring gender balance and geographical distribution. If no direct meetings are taking place, the SC will communicate through web-meetings on a bi-monthly basis.
  • The MC may encourage the consortium to participate in “Open Access” pilot of the Horizon 2020 programme for its publications, choosing the “gold model”. The consortium members will send publications about their research results to “Open Access” European journals or in journals that provide an “Open Access” possibility by author’s request, including a list of journals prepared by the MC.
  • ECIs with respect to gender balance and geographical distribution will be encouraged to chair sessions and present at the WG Meetings.
  • The STSM Chair will coordinate networking activities by a maximum of 4 STSMs per WG: two weeks to 3 months, supported by a fixed grant of EUR 2,500, organized by each WG every year.

National contacts for the COST Action MitoEAGLE for MC nominations

We suggest that "national contacts for the COST Action MitoEAGLE" may take the lead to coordinate the national teams for MC nominations, to achieve an optimum balance.
Suggested national contacts in the phase towards the 1st MC meeting
Please let us know further suggestions.

Circulars towards the 1st MC meeting

2016-07-28 MitoEAGLE: Summary and next steps

Dear colleague,
The MitoFit Science Camp and the MitoEAGLE related sessions were a great success.
A summary of the discussions regarding the Cost Action MitoEAGLE can be found here:
» MitoEAGLE: towards the 1st MC Meeting
This should give us a basis for discussions and will support our first Management Committee meeting in September, where the final decisions will be made. We are certainly open for your further suggestions, which you can send to us until the end of August.
Furthermore, we would like to ask those of you who have not given us a feedback yet in which working group(s) you will actively participate in to give us an update regarding your commitment in the proposed working groups, which can be found here: » MitoEAGLE Working Groups
As discussed in the MitoEAGLE session there was a broad consensus that the tasks of working group 5 (WG5) will be incorporated in WG1. WG5 will thus remain as a task force of WG1.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,

2016-06-21 1st MC Meeting: Info on travel arrangements

Dear colleague,
We would like to follow-up regarding the 1st Management Committee Meeting to be held on 2016-09-12 in Brussels and your personal travel arrangements.
Official COST invitations for the meeting including all necessary details will be sent one month before the meeting takes place. COST suggests not to make any travel arrangements before receiving this e-cost invitation.
The meeting will be held at the office of the COST Association, Avenue Louise 149, 1050 Brussels - preliminary time: 09:30 am.
Details about financial support and cost refunding (for MC Members and substitutes) can be found in the COST Vademecum (pages 21-24): »
We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels.
Best regards,

2016-06-02 1st MC Meeting MitoEAGLE / MitoFit Science Camp

Dear colleague,
We would like to inform you that the 1st MC Meeting (organised by the COST Association) will be held on 2016-09-12 in Brussels.
The MitoFit Science Camp in July 2016 provides a unique opportunity to prepare the MitoEAGLE consortium and MC Meeting. As communicated before, participation in the MitoFit Science Camp is unfortunately not eligible for financial support by our COST Action. You may, however, consider an economical cost- and time-effective option:
Participation for two days, arriving on Sunday, July 10 (for the keynote lecture) and departing with all other participants on Wednesday, July 13, to Innsbruck.
See our website for more information:
Please let us know if this special arrangement is of interest for you. We will then send you specific registration information.
Furthermore, we would like to announce that the project management of COST MitoEAGLE is handed over to Christina Plattner (MC Member) as Sandra Fleischmann has left OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS.
Best regards,
Erich and Christina


Dear MC Member,
We would like to inform you that the 1st Management Committee Meeting for the COST Action MitoEAGLE will be held in September 2016. This MC kickoff meeting is organised by the COST Association, who gives us the following choices for the date of the meeting to be held in Brussels:
  • 2016-09-12 (our preferred option)
  • 2016-09-22
MC members or their substitutes will be financially covered by the COST Action. Please enter your preferred date for the 1st MC Meeting into our Doodle calendar until 2016-05-10:
At the MC Meeting, decisions will have to be made on the Chair and Co-Chair, on leaders of the Working Groups and project management of MitoEAGLE. The best opportunity to prepare our 1st MC Meeting will be provided at the MitoFit Science Camp, 2016 Jul 07-13:
 » MitoFit Science Camp 2016 Kuehtai AT.
Unfortunately, this event will take place before the official start of MitoEAGLE and thus cannot be supported by the COST Action. However, since the MitoFit Training Camp is organized geographically close and directly after EBEC, it will be very inexpensive particularly for EBEC participants.
Best regards,
Erich and Sandra

2016-03-21 Statement of the Spanish COST National Coordinator

Regarding Circular: MitoEAGLE Management Committee nominations, 2016-03-21:
This mail is very useful for all of us in order to nominate to the MC according to the SC recommendations. So, I have to nominate two MC members and three MC substitutes and I will try to nominate ECI (early career investigators) and to maintain gender balance. I know you are 7 secondary proposers from Spain and I will nominate to 5 people. In my opinion, all of Spanish proposers should discuss about this issue in order to know if someone of you is ECI, ... ~ Noelia Romero López - COST National Coordinator Spain

2016-03-21 MitoEAGLE Management Committee nominations

Dear colleague,
We would like to follow-up regarding the nominations to the Management Committee of the COST Action MitoEAGLE.
The Scientific Committee suggested that the proposed Action must develop and implement specific plans to increase the involvement of Early Career Investigators and for maintaining and monitoring gender balance. Furthermore, we will need a balance of Participants from all the Working Groups in the MC, so that all WGs are represented well in the course of the Action. For more information, see » Join the COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE.
Therefore, please ask your COST National Coordinator (CNC) to take this into consideration when nominating the MC Members and Substitutes. To achieve an optimum balance in choosing your MC Members, it may be best practice to list all national COST Participants when contacting your CNC. For the list of participants, see
» MitoEAGLE network
Your feedback will be summarized here: » MitoEAGLE-Feedback (moved to respective Working Groups or personal pages)
Best regards,
Erich and Sandra
Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erich Gnaiger
Medical University of Innsbruck
Department of Visceral, Transplant and Thoracic Surgery
D. Swarovski Research Laboratory
Mitochondrial Physiology
Email: [email protected]
Sandra Fleischmann, MSc MSc, Project Manager
OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS high-resolution respirometry
Schöpfstrasse 18
A-6020 Innsbruck
T +43 512 566796 | F +43 512 566796 20
Email: [email protected]
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