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  • Project extension request - open letter to the COST officials in Brussles (2021-02-08):
Dear representatives of the COST Association:
Academic institutions have been and are under stress since March 2020. Particularly collaborative projects have been put on hold due to COVID19 restrictions. Priorities have changed. This has prevented further progress in CA15203 and prevents completion of our promising plans, if the Grant Period of this Action cannot be extended to resume and finalize our collaborative activities after the lockdown persisting in many countries. This would entail a highly efficient use of the remaining CA15203 grant money and reduce the damage caused by the pandemic.
Initial collaborations in the MitoEAGLE Action have been published very successfully, particularly:
> Gnaiger E et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1. doi:10.26124/bec:2020-0001.v1 – 666 coauthors, 44 pages.
But several ongoing tasks have been interrupted, and significant efforts would be wasted without the option to use the budget for finalizing the experimental collaborations (in workshops and STSMs) and corresponding manuscripts in preparation. Only an extension of the period for using the GP5 budget beyond the pandemic restrictions can ensure that the MitoEAGLE Action will be brought to a successful end, instead of phasing out with mere frustration in the most productive period.
We are contacting you as a follow-up to our request for an extension beyond Feb 2021. After the realization that an on-site meeting will not be possible in Jan/Feb 2021, we intended to switch to an virtual meeting. But, at this point it is not efficient to organize the MitoEAGLE Summit, since planned experiments needed for the finalization of manuscripts had to be postponed. Hence, after the successful meeting in Belgrade in Oct 2019 ( ) little progress would be presented at an online event by Feb 2021. Attendance would be minimal, with many frustrated faces.
This is why we urgently request a significant extension of the Grant Period 5 of CA15203 MitoEAGLE, without any change in the budget. Important initiatives of the EU try to reduce the damage caused by the pandemic at great cost. An unbureaucratic extension of our COST Action would prevent a lot of damage at no additional cost.
Our more than 900 project members ( would appreciate a positive and immediate decision by the COST Association.
With kind regards,
Erich Gnaiger, Ph.D.

  • Project extension request - answer of the COST officials in Brussles (2021-02-22):
Dear Erich,
I regret to inform you that since CA15203 already benefitted from an extension, an additional prolongation of the Action is not possible despite the impact the pandemic is having on our societies. The reason is that per the COST Association rules, COST Actions can be extended for a maximum of 6 months (COST Action Management, Monitoring and Final Assessment (COST 134/14;
Kind regards,
Dr Federica Ortelli | Science Officer
COST Association | Avenue du Boulevard - Bolwerklaan 21,
1210 Brussels | Belgium
  • COVID-19 measures - open letter to the COST officials in Brussles (2020-09-03):
Since the lockdown we contacted the COST Officials with several suggestions to adapt our MitoEAGLE initiatives to the travel restrictions in order to reach our final goals (MoU). Invariably the answer was a bureaucratic β€œNO” without even attempting on any flexibility in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.
We are embarrassed by the fact that the COST Action lacks any innovation potential to be responsive to the present challenges and support alternative strategies other than costs for large virtual meetings. In our attempt to organize the final MitoEAGLE Summit and MC Meeting with satellite Training School, we consider health safety first. PCR-testing as one of several safety precautions in the context of our meeting with a significantly reduced number of participants should be supported by COST, if we want to organize a scientific meeting at the highest level of quality control. We should set positive examples for organizers of other (including non-scientific) events. Why does COST deny to support us in these aims β€” within the approved budget?
We thank you very much for your support and will send an update on the MitoEAGLE Summit and Training School by separate email.
With kind regards,
Erich Gnaiger
COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE
T +43 512 566796 15, F +43 512 566796 20
[email protected] |

        • 2017-04-21
1. Mitochondrial respiratory control: a conceptual perspective on coupling states.
A manuscript on MitoEAGLE recommendations in preparation. We invite additional members to join the MitoEAGLE Terminology Committee to secure a wide scope of the review:
Β» Work in progress on 'Mitochondrial respiratory control: MitoEAGLE recommendations' - The protonmotive force and respiratory control
2. Minutes of MitoEAGLE meeting Barcelona March 2017
We are pleased to send you the minutes of the Barcelona meeting:
Β» MitoEAGLE_Barcelona_2017#Minutes_MitoEAGLE_Barcelona_2017
3. Training School Obergurgl (AT): 2017 July 23-30
The MitoEAGLE Training School is organized in collaboration with the MiPsociety Β» MiPschool Obergurgl 2017
Β» Preliminary programme
Β» Early Career Investigators and students - prepare your abstracts
Β» 42 MitoEAGLE scholarships and more

        • 2017-04-04 - MitoEAGLE mentors
  • To be listed as a mentor, please contact: [email protected]
  • List of members and mentors: MitoEAGLE network
  • Members of the MitoEAGLE management committee who are not ECIs are suggested to be β€˜Mentors’. We hope to have included everyone correctly.
We ask globally for confirmation. If you disagree with being listed please contact: [email protected]

2. MiPschool Obergurgl 2017
Β» Preliminary programme - we invite input and comments.
Β» Early Career Investigators and students - prepare your abstracts
Β» 42 MitoEAGLE scholarships and more

  • Respiratory states - First steps were taken at the MitoEAGLE Verona meeting (Nov 2016) towards a consensus paper, starting with the topic of respiratory states: Β» MitoEAGLE: Respiratory states - We invite contributions and critical comments.

        • 2017-02-20 - WG1 - towards unification of concepts and nomenclature
  • Electron transfer pathway in MitoPedia: The mitochondrial Electron transfer pathway (ETS) transfers electrons from externally supplied reduced fuel substrates to oxygen. Based on this experimentally oriented definition (see ET capacity), the ETS consists of (1) the membrane-bound ETS with respiratory complexes located in the inner mt-membrane, (2) TCA cycle and other mt-matrix dehydrogenases generating NADH and succinate, and (3) the transport systems involved in metabolite exchange across the mt-membranes.
  • This definition in mitochondrial physiology differs from that in classical bioenergetics. You may not agree and your input to the discussion is welcome. Please consider: (i) How do you measure ET capacity? (ii) How do you link measurement and concept of ET capacity? Then define ETS.
  • More details: Β»some pages related to ETS.

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