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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "[[File:1PM;2D;3G;4U;5S;6Rot-.png|300px]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • SUIT-006 Fluo mt D034  + ([[File:1PM;2D;3Omy;4U;5Ama.png|300px]])
  • SUIT-006 AmR mt D048  + ([[File:1PM;2D;3Omy;4U;5Ama.png|400px]])
  • SUIT-004  + ([[File:1PM;2D;3U;4S;5Rot.png|450px]])
  • SUIT-019 O2 pfi D045  + ([[File:1PalM;2D;2c;3Oct;4P;5G;6U;7S;8Rot;9Ama.png|400px]])
  • SUIT-019  + ([[File:1PalM;2D;3Oct;4P;5G;6U;7S;8Rot-.png|450px]])
  • SUIT-009 O2 mt D015  + ([[File:1S;2D;2c;3P;4Rot;5Ama.png|400px|SUIT9]])
  • SUIT-009  + ([[File:1S;2D;3P;4Rot-.png|400px|SUIT9]])
  • SUIT-009 AmR mt D021  + ([[File:1S;2D;3P;4Rot;5Ama.png|400px|SUIT-009]])
  • SUIT-026 O2 mt D063  + ([[File:1S;2Rot;3D;3c;4Ama.png|400px]])
  • SUIT-026  + ([[File:1S;2Rot;3D;4Ama.png|350px]])
  • SUIT-006 O2 mt D022  + ([[File:1SRot;2D;2c;3(Omy);4U;5Ama.png|400px]])
  • SUIT-006  + ([[File:1X;2D;2c;3Omy;4U;5Ama.png|450px]])
  • SUIT-003 O2 ce D009  + ([[File:1ce;2ceOmy;3ceU-.jpg|450px]])
  • SUIT-003 Ce1&#59;ce2U-  + ([[File:1ce;2ceU-.jpg|150px]])
  • SUIT-003 Ce1&#59;ce3U-  + ([[File:1ce;3ceU-.jpg|150px]])
  • Oxoglutarate  + ([[File:2-Oxoglutaric_acid.jpg|left|100px|2
    [[File:2-Oxoglutaric_acid.jpg|left|100px|2-Oxoglutaric acid]] '''2-Oxoglutaric acid''' or alpha-ketoglutaric acid, C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>6</sub>O<sub>5</sub>, occurs under physiological conditions as the anion '''2-Oxoglutarate<sup>2-</sup>, Og'''. 2-Oxoglutarate (alpha-ketoglutarate) is formed from isocitrate as a product of [[isocitrate dehydrogenase]] (IDH) in the [[TCA cycle]], and is a substrate of [[oxoglutarate dehydrogenase]] (OgDH). The 2-oxoglutarate carrier exchanges malate<sup>2-</sup> for 2-oxoglutarate<sup>2-</sup> as part of the [[malate-aspartate shuttle]]. In the cytosol, oxoglutarate+aspartate are transaminated to form oxaloacetate+glutamate. Cytosolic malate dehydrogenase converts oxaloacetate+NADH to malate.
    nase converts oxaloacetate+NADH to malate.)
  • Asia Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine  + ([[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|200px|left]]The '''Asia Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine''' (ASMRM) was founded in 2003 to share the latest knowledge on mitochondrial research.)
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Research Group  + ([[File:CERG.gif|200px|left|CERG]] The '''C
    [[File:CERG.gif|200px|left|CERG]] The '''Cardiovascular Exercise Research Group''' (CERG) was established in January 2008 and their research focuses on identifying the key cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of physical exercise on the heart, arteries and skeletal muscle in the context of disease prevention and management through experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies. Since 2003 this research group organizes the biennial seminar [ "Exercise in Medicine"] in Trondheim, Norway.
    ercise in Medicine"] in Trondheim, Norway.)
  • SUIT-007 O2 ce-pce D030  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1G;2D;2c;3M;4U;5Ama.png|400px]])
  • SUIT-027 O2 ce-pce D065  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1M;2D;3M;4P;5G;6Ama.png|500px]])
  • SUIT-006 O2 ce-pce D029  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1PM;2D;2c;3Omy;4U;5Ama.png|600px]])
  • SUIT-024  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1PM;2T;2D;3Omy-.png|410px]])
  • SUIT-024 O2 ce-pce D056  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1PM;2T;2D;3Omy;4Ama.png|410px]])
  • SUIT-009 O2 ce-pce D016  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1S;2D;2c;3P;4Rot;5Ama.png|520px|SUIT-009]])
  • SUIT-009 AmR ce-pce D019  + ([[File:Ce1;1Dig;1S;2D;3P;4Rot;5Ama.png|520px|SUIT9]])