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Shipping an O2k

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O2k-Open Support

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For shipping an O2k, standard operating procedures have to be followed to avoid damage of the instrument and unexpected delays. The O2k-Main Unit must be shipped only in Packing\O2k-Box 1, without O2k-Chambers and without OroboPOS. Two O2k-Chamber Holders, two OroboPOS-Holders and two OroboPOS-Connectors are attached to the O2k-Main Unit for transport.

Reference: Oroboros O2k

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General packing instructions

  1. Disassembling the O2k: Remove the OroboPOS (polarographic oxygen sensor head) from the OroboPOS-Connector, remove the old membranes from the OroboPOS, clean the sensor head with water, allow to dry, store the sensor head and the membrane ring in its perspex vial (the ring slipped onto the shaft of the sensor - MiPNet19.18B POS-service). Re-attach the OroboPOS-Connectors (without sensor) and the O2k-Chamber Holder to the oxygraph.
  1. Cleaning the O2k: Kindly clean the instrument to an extent, at which the instrument does not pose any danger to the staff members of our workshop. This is especially necessary when biohazardous material is used in your experiments. Do not decontaminate your instrument in a decontamination chamber. This could cause serious damage to the instrument. Please always add the following completed form to your shipment; Please note that we will have to bill a cleaning fee of EUR 190.-, should this form not be included.
  1. Packing the O2k: Use the original packing material (the two foam inlets and O2k-Box 1). Only this packing material provides sufficient protection during transport. If the original packing material is not available or not complete (one or both inlets missing), it has to be ordered from Oroboros Instruments and shipped to the customer before shipping the O2k. If the OroboPOS have to be inspected also, they should be sent disassembled and protected in the perspex vials, attached for example with a tape to the O2k.


Please let us know when you have dispatched the O2k. Email: [email protected]

Shipping an O2k within the EU

From any EU country, ship to the following address:
WGT-Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
Rettenbergstrasse 30a
A-6114 Kolsass
Tel +43-5224-68190
contact (if required by carrier): Michael Walter-Vracevic

Within the EU, there are no special requirements for import/export etc. However, if you need to declare the value for the instrument for some reason, declare it with EUR 5,000.- and mention "to be sent for repair", although, normally, this should not be necessary.

Shipping an O2k from non-EU countries

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE to allow a tax free import/export from your home country to Austria and vice versa within a certain time:
  • Please instruct your courier that this is a repair shipment, thus a temporary export/import (you will probably need to provide a proforma invoice stating: „goods for repair only – will be returned“). Further instruct them to ship the goods as „dutiable goods“, to the following address:
Zollabfertigung/Customs Clearance
St.Bartlmae 6
6020 Innsbruck
Office of Destination: Innsbruck AT800000
At the disposal of: Oroboros Instruments, Schoepfstrasse 18, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria.
  • State the O2k Serial Number (starting with A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H) and the product name: Oroboros O2k on your shipping documents.
  • VALUE of the goods: The customs declaration value of the instrument for the customs should be declared as Euro 5 000.- (or equivalent in your currency).
  • Please use a freight forwarder or a parcel service, not the national post office. The Austrian post office does not forward the parcels for clearing by our freight forwarder (Schenker), but clears them themselves.
  • Your tax ID
  • Our EORI No.: ATEOS1000009261
  • country of origin (AT)
  • The commodity code: 90278080

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