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SUIT reference protocol


The substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration (SUIT) reference protocol, SUIT RP, provides a common baseline for comparison of mitochondrial respiratory control in a large variety of species, tissues and cell types, mt-preparations and laboratories, for establishing a database on comparative mitochondrial phyisology. The SUIT RP consists of two harmonized SUIT protocols (SUIT-001 - RP1 and SUIT-002 - RP2). These are coordinated such that they can be statistically evaluated as replicate measurements of cross-linked respiratory states, while additional information is obtained when the two protocols are conducted in parallel. Therefore, these harmonized SUIT protocols are complementary with their focus on specific respiratory coupling and pathway control aspects, extending previous strategies for respirometrc OXPHOS analysis.

SUIT-001 (RP1): 1PM;2D;2c;3U;4G;5S;6Oct;7Rot;8Gp;9Ama;10Tm;11Azd
SUIT-002 (RP2): 1D;2OctM;2c;3P;4G;5S;6Gp;7U;8Rot;9Ama;10Tm;11Azd

Abbreviation: SUIT RP

Reference: Doerrier 2018 Methods Mol Biol, MiPNet21.06 SUIT RP

MitoPedia concepts: SUIT concept 


Cross-linked respiratory states

The cross-linked respiratory states for harmonization between protocols are:


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