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Endlicher R, Drahota Z, StejskalovÑ M, Kalous M, Ryba L, Rychtrmoc D, ČervinkovÑ Z (2018) Mitochondrial permeability transition pore and its role in development of pathological processes. Cesk Fysiol 67:13-21.


Endlicher R, Drahota Z, Stejskalova M, Kalous M, Ryba L, Rychtrmoc D, Cervinkova Z (2018) Cesk Fysiol

Abstract: Calcium ions play an important role in cell metabolism regulation. Mitochondrial permeability transition pore (MPTP) has recently attracted considerable attention. Short, reversible opening of this pore protects cells from oxidative damage, but its long lasting, irreversible opening induces the processes leading to cell death. A wide variety of substances was successfully proven to influence MPTP function either positively or negatively, however the molecular structure of this membrane pore remains unclear. This work summarizes up to date knowledge of MPTP function and regulation, efforts to elucidate molecular structure of the pore and finally we provide a review of diseases with MPTP involved in pathogenesis. β€’ Keywords: Mitochondrial permeability transition pore, Mitochondria, Calcium, Cell death β€’ Bioblast editor: Plangger M β€’ O2k-Network Lab: CZ Hradec Kralove Cervinkova Z, CZ Prague Houstek J, CZ Prague Kalous M

Labels: MiParea: mt-Membrane 

Stress:Permeability transition 

Regulation: Calcium 


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