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Bove-Fenderson 2018 JBMR Plus

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Bove-Fenderson 2018 JBMR Plus

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Bove-Fenderson E, Duffy K, Mannstadt M (2018) Broadening our horizons: JBMR and JBMR Plus embrace preprints. JBMR Plus 2:59-61.

» PMID: 30283891 Open Access

Bove-Fenderson E, Duffy K, Mannstadt M (2018) JBMR Plus

Abstract: The ASBMR Publication Committee, together with the Editors‐in‐Chief of JBMR, JBMR Plus, and members of the editorial boards, have implemented a new policy that allows manuscripts that have been posted on noncommercial preprint servers to be submitted to the journals for consideration. The use of preprint servers is becoming more common, but, because it is still rare in the field of bone and mineral research, the concept is most likely unfamiliar to many readers of JBMR and JBMR Plus. To clarify the new policy decision, this editorial provides a brief overview of preprint servers and describes their role in biomedical research.

Picture this common scenario: a young biomedical researcher has spent years collecting data for a very exciting project and is finally ready to submit a manuscript. This researcher is also applying for an NIH grant. Do they (i) hold off on submitting the grant application, knowing that they will have a greater chance of receiving funding once their paper is accepted; (ii) submit the application right away, even though they are missing the crucial citation; or (iii) upload a draft of their manuscript to a preprint server, using the citation for their application while they wait for a response from the journal? Many researchers are unaware of option iii, but it demonstrates one of the primary utilities of preprint servers: rapid dissemination of results within the scientific community. Keywords: Preprints Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E