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Biology (Basel)

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Niemann 2022 Biology (Basel)Niemann B, Pan R, Issa H, Simm A, Schulz R, Rohrbach S (2022) AMPK activation is indispensable for the protective effects of caloric restriction on left ventricular function in postinfarct myocardium. (Basel) 11:448. PMID: 35336822 Open Access
Prieto-Carrasco 2021 Biology (Basel)Prieto-Carrasco R, Silva-Palacios A, Rojas-Morales P, Aparicio-Trejo OE, Medina-Reyes EI, Hernandez-Cruz EY, Sanchez-Garibay C, Salinas-Lara C, Pavon N, Roldan FJ, Zazueta C, Tapia E, Pedraza-Chaverri J (2021) Unilateral ureteral obstruction for 28 days in rats is not associated with changes in cardiac function or alterations in mitochondrial function. Biology (Basel) 10:671.2021PMID: 34356526 Open Access