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MitoGlobal Events

Mitochondrial conferences, workshops, meetings
MitoGlobal Events

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MitoGlobal Events 2019

 DateLocation - Country
Conference of Ion-channel 2019 Gangwon-do KR2019-01-07Gangwon-do KR, 2019 Jan 07-08 . Conference of Ion-channel.
TRACT Mid-Term Review Meeting Dublin IE2019-01-21
Dublin IE, 2018 Jan 21. TRACT Mid-Term Review Meeting.
TRACT Training 2019 Dublin IE2019-01-22
Dublin IE, 2018 Jan 22-24. TRACT Training.
MitoFit Conference 2019 Innsbruck AT2019-01-29
Logo MitoFit.jpg
Innsbruck AT, 2019 Jan 29. MitoFit Conference: Mitochondrial fitness in cancer metabolism, exercise and aging.
MitoEAGLE Obergurgl 2019-01-312019-01-31
Obergurgl AT, 2019 Jan 31- Feb 03. WG 1 and 2 human skeletal muscle workshop and retreat - COST Action MitoEAGLE.
Hypoxia Symposia 2019 Lake Louise CA2019-02-19Lake Louise, CA, 2019 Feb 19-24 . International Hypoxia Symposia.
DSL Retreat 2019 Innsbruck AT2019-02-21Vill AT, 2019 Feb 21. Third retreat of the Daniel Swarovski Research Laboratory (DSL).
From Basic Biology to Mechanisms of Disease Conference 2019 Nassau BH2019-02-27Nassau, BH, 2019 Feb 27- Mar 02. Mitochondria: From Basic Biology to Mechanisms of Disease Conference
BPS19 2019 Baltimore US2019-03-02Baltimore MA, US, 2019 Mar 02-06. 63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society.
European Study Group Mathematics 2019 Innsbruck AT2019-03-04Innsbruck, AT, 2019 Mar 4-8
MitoEAGLE WG4 Matrei a. Brenner 2019-032019-03-11
Matrei a. Brenner AT, 2019 Mar 11-14. WG 4 blood cell workshop and retreat - COST Action MitoEAGLE.
7th Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Degeneration Meeting Loch Lomond GB2019-03-11Loch Lomond, Scotland, GB, 2019 Mar 11-14 . 7th Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Degeneration Meeting.
COST Connect workshop on Data Sharing Brussel 20192019-03-13
Brussel BE, 2019 Mar 13-14. WG 1: “COST Connect” workshop on the topic of Data Sharing COST Action MitoEAGLE.
MitoEAGLE Tromso 20192019-03-13
Tromso NO, 2019 Mar 13-15. WG 2 Retreat for the review paper “Altered function of cardiac mitochondria in diabetes and obesity” - COST Action MitoEAGLE.
Clinical Mitochondria- and Environmental Medicine 2019 Heidelberg DE2019-03-15Heidelberg DE, 2019 Mar 15-16. Clinical Mitochondria- and Environmental Medicine.
GRC on Mitochondrial Dynamics and Signaling 2019 Ventura US2019-03-17
Grc logo.png
Ventura CA, US, 2019 Mar 17-22. First Gordon Research Conference on Mitochondrial Dynamics and Signaling.
METABO & Cancer 2019 Marseille FR2019-04-01Marseille FR, 2019 Apr 1-2. 3rd edition - Metabolism and Cancer Meeting
Stakeholder Event of the Austrian Algae Network 2019 Innsbruck AT2019-04-02Innsbruck, AT, 2019 Apr 02. Yearly stakeholder event of the Austrian algae network (Netzwerk Algen)
ICAR MEDCOM Meeting 2019 Bolzano IT2019-04-05Bolzano IT, 2019 Apr 05. ICAR MEDCOM meeting - Innovation in mountain medicine research - from simulation to real-life application
Nature Conference 2019 Xiamen CN2019-04-08Xiamen, CN, 2019 Apr 08-11. Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism.
MiPNet24.03 IOC138 Xiamen CN2019-04-12
Xiamen CN, 2019 Apr 12. Post-conference Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC138.
Life Science PhD Meeting 2019 Innsbruck AT2019-04-25Innsbruck AT, 2019 Apr 25-26. Life Science PhD Meeting.
Course in Science Communication and Dissemination for TRANSMIT 2019 Milan IT2019-05-02
Milan, IT, 2019 May 2-4. Course in Science Communication and Dissemination for TRANSMIT.
Course in Social Entrepreneurship for TRANSMIT 2019 Milan IT2019-05-06
Milan, IT, 2019 May 6-7. Dynamo Academy Social Entrepreneurship and managerial skills course for TRANSMIT.
Course in Bio-statistics 2019 Bologna IT2019-05-08
Bologna, IT, 2019 May 8-9. Course in Bio-statistics.
UNIBO Workshop 2019 Bologna IT2019-05-13Bologna, IT, 2019 May 13-15. Technical workshop in Genetic and bioenergetic analysis of mitochondrial DNA mutations.
Muscle Clocks and Diabetes symposium 2019 Amsterdam NL2019-05-14Amsterdam, NL, 2019 May 14-16 . Muscle Clocks and Diabetes symposium.
MitoEAGLE WG1 Coimbra 20192019-05-20
Coimbra PT, 2019 May 20-21. WG1 and WG3 protocol development and liver - COST Action MitoEAGLE.
ESCI 2019 Coimbra PT2019-05-22Coimbra, PT, 2019 May 22-24. 53rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation, ESCI 2019.
MiPNet24.01 IOC139 Schroecken AT2019-06-17
Schroecken AT, 2019 June 17-22 Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC139.
SHVM 2019 Amsterdam NL2019-06-23
Amsterdam NL , 2019 Jun 23-26. Conference of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism
UMDF2019 Alexandria VA US2019-06-26
Alexandria VA US, 2020 Jun 26-29 . Mitochondrial Medicine.
OroDM01 Innsbruck AT2019-07-01
Innsbruck AT, 2019 Jul 01-02 Oroboros Distributor Meeting, OroDM01.
Mitochondrial Medicine 2019 Zurich CH2019-07-03Zurich, CH, 2019 Jul 3 and 4-5. mitoNET Meeting and Mitochondrial Medicine congress (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
FEBS 2019 Krakow PL2019-07-06
Krakow PL, 2019 Jul 06-11. FEBS Congresses - from molecules to living systems.
MiPschool Coimbra 20192019-07-08
Coimbra, PT. 2019 Jul 08-11, 12th MitoEAGLE Training School - MiPschool 2019. Mitochondrial respiratory physiology: Challenges on data sharing, reproducibility, and interpretation.
IDIBELL seminar 2019 Barcelona ES2019-07-12
Barcelona, ES. 2019 Jul 12, IDIBELL Seminar, Barcelona, ES.
Movement and Cognition 2019 Tel-Aviv IL2019-07-22Tel-Aviv, IL, 2019 Jul 22-24. World conference on Movement and Cognition.
GRC Meeting on Organelles including Mitochondria 2019 West Dover US2019-08-04
Grc logo.png
West Dover VT, US, 2019 Aug 04-09. The 3rd Gordon Research Conference on Organellar Channels and Transporters.
ICCPB 2019 Ottawa Canada2019-08-05
Ottawa CA, 2019 Aug 05-09. 10th International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry - Mechanisms and evolutionary processes
Mitochondrial Physiology ‐ from Organelle to Organism 2019 Copenhagen DK2019-08-19Copenhagen DK , 2019 Aug 19-23. Mitochondrial Physiology ‐ from Organelle to Organism
7th European Phycological Congress 2019 Zagreb HR2019-08-25Zagreb, HR, 2019 Aug 25-30. 7th European Phycological Congress
FEBS Workshop Ageing 2019 Innsbruck AT2019-09-09
Innsbruck, AT. 2019 Sep 09-12, FEBS Workshop “Ageing and Regeneration”.
EUBS2019 Tel Aviv IL2019-09-09Tel Aviv IL, 2019 Sep 09-12. EUBS 2019 and the Hyperbaric Medicine & the Brain conference
11th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting 2019 Salzburg AT2019-09-16
Salzburg AT, 2019 Sep 16-18. 11th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting - Inside the world of biomolecules
6th Biannual Meeting on Mitochondria Apoptosis & Cancer 2019 Prague CZ2019-09-17Prague, CZ, 2019 September 17-20. 6th Biannual Meeting on Mitochondria Apoptosis & Cancer
10th World Gene Convention 2019 Qingdao CN2019-09-20Qingdao, CN, 2019 Sep 20-22. BIT’s 10th World Gene Convention-2019 (WGC-2019)
6th International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress 2019 Crete GR2019-09-23Chania, Crete, GR, 2019 Sep 23-28. 6th International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress: Signaling, Metabolism, Imaging and Therapeutic Targets.
MiPNet24.02 IOC Schroecken AT2019-09-23
Schroecken AT, 2019 Sep 23-28 Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC.
EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course 2019 Herceg Novi ME2019-09-24
EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course
Herceg Novi ME, 2019 Sep 24-28. EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course 'Mitochondria in life, death and disease'.
ASMRM & J-mit 2019 Fukuoka JP2019-10-03
Fukuoka, JP, 2019 Oct 03-05. Joint ASMRM and J-mit Conference
MiP2019/MitoEAGLE Belgrade RS2019-10-13
Belgrade RS, 13-16 Oct 2019. COST MitoEAGLE perspectives and MitoEAGLE WG and MC Meeting.
Targeting Mitochondria World Congress 2019 Berlin DE2019-10-28Berlin, DE, 2019 Oct 28-29. 10th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria.
CTCM 2019 Ankara TR2019-10-30Ankara TR, 2019 Oct 30 - Nov 1. An international symposium on cellular therapy in cardiovascular medicine (CTCM): stem cell opportunity
46th ISOBM Congress 2019 Athens GR2019-11-01Athens, GR, 2019 Nov 1-4. 46th annual congres of the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers.
11th Annual Congress of Cardiology 2019 Suzhou CN2019-11-11Suzhou, CN, 2019 Nov 11-15. 11th Annual Congress of Cardiology
Neurocon 2019 Haryana IN2019-11-15
Haryana, IN. 2019 Nov 17-20, Neurocon 2019.

MitoGlobal Events 2020

 DateLocation - Country
UMDF2020 Phoenix AZ US2020-06-24
Phoenix, AZ US, 2020 Jun 24-27 . Mitochondrial Medicine.
MitoEAGLE Obergurgl 20202020-07-22
Obergurgl, AT, 22-25 Jul 2020. 15th Final MitoEAGLE MC Meeting and MitoEAGLE WG.
MiPschool Obergurgl 20202020-07-27
Obergurgl, AT. 2020 Jul 27-30, 13th MitoEAGLE Training School - MiPschool 2020.
EBEC2020 Marseille FR2020-08-22
Marseille, FR, 2020 Aug 22-27. 21st European Bioenergetics Conference.

MitoGlobal Events 2021

MitoGlobal Events 2022

 DateLocation - Country
EBEC2022 Innsbruck AT2022-08-22
Innsbruck, AT, 2022 Aug 22-27. 22nd European Bioenergetics Conference. - tentative dates, please give us your feedback

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